We have well-honed skills (both academic and practical) in property law matters – let our experience work to your advantage.


Buying or selling a business (or preparing to)? Get the Foxlaw team on your side of the negotiating table.


With sensitivity and empathy, and a thorough approach, Foxlaw will ensure you are aware of your options and that your  interests are  protected through every life stage.


You’re not out on your own. The Foxlaw team understand rural issues and we’ll give you a hand where you need it, without charging you for things you’ve already got under control.


Foxlaw’s conveyancing service is smooth, professional and well worth the small investment, for your peace of mind.

We don’t bill time or record time or clock watch here! We use 1 of 2 methods instead…


We can quote and lock-in a fixed price for a particular legal matter at your request.
We will do this whenever there is reasonable certainty about what is going to be involved.
Our fixed prices are set out in our Price Guide.


Some matters are, by their nature, rather unpredictable. Various issues can pop up along the way which may increase (or decrease) the amount of work involved.

For these matters we will work out the amount in accordance with our Scale. However, we will still give you a range (our estimate) and will update you if it is shaping up to be more than the upper limit of the range before we do the extra work proposed.

An example of an estimated range might be: $2500 – $3500 + GST and outlays.