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Uncompromising integrity with attention to detail in every matter – for you

At Foxlaw, we work with small, medium and large companies, non-profit organisations and individual business owners and entrepreneurs. We work alongside our clients to help them achieve the outcomes they desire.

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We help with:

  • Drafting commercial agreements – licence arrangements, joint ventures, shareholders’ agreements, services or supply agreements
  • Franchising law (including the Sale or Purchase of a Franchise Business)
  • Corporations law advice
  • Contract review and negotiations
  • Leasing advice for business owners (as tenants)
  • Business start-up and structuring advice
  • Business succession and/or exit planning

We don’t bill time or record time or clock watch here! We use 1 of 2 methods instead…


We can quote and lock-in a fixed price for a particular legal matter at your request.
We will do this whenever there is reasonable certainty about what is going to be involved.
Our fixed prices are set out in our Price Guide.


Some matters are, by their nature, rather unpredictable. Various issues can pop up along the way which may increase (or decrease) the amount of work involved.

For these matters we will work out the amount in accordance with our Scale. However, we will still give you a range (our estimate) and will update you if it is shaping up to be more than the upper limit of the range before we do the extra work proposed.

An example of an estimated range might be: $2500 – $3500 + GST and outlays.

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